~ Clampdown – Game Design (Punk?) Manifesto ~

/ Stop spitting on AAA games // Stop dissing designers because they made a shooter you didn’t like // Stop feeling superior because a designer “sold out”, whatever that means in your textbook little world // Stop turning your nose at entire game genres // Stop looking down at indie games because you don’t recognise the name on the box // Stop thinking a game needs a big budget to be a masterpiece // Stop trying to define a game to your own narrow standards // Stop calling story-driven games walking simulators like you’re the game validity bible // Stop calling indie designers basement dwellers // Stop mocking your friend who’s trying to make a game in Unity // Stop calling Twine games shitty text games for girls // Stop saying “games for girls” and marketing at bullshit audiences like it’s 1955 // Stop harassing women who make games // Stop feeling threatened when people who aren’t exactly like you become part of games and gaming // Stop raging like a three year old when people who aren’t exactly like you become characters in games // Stop calling inclusion “pandering”, you don’t even know what that means // Stop bringing the medium down by making it an intolerant, shitty little club – that’s not what it is // Stop bleating that games have no value and cause violence // Stop working for the clampdown /

– Learn something from that big-budget game — Learn something from that big-budget designer — Admire designers who worked hard to get where they are now — Try something new — Try something different — Try something small — Challenge your perception of what a game is, and can be — Experience something that will make you feel something — Be in awe of that tiny team who made that amazing game — Encourage your friend — Fall in love with an interactive story — Make great games that can move anyone’s heart — Be welcoming to people who share your passion — Be welcoming to stories that aren’t yours, you’ll learn something — Celebrate inclusion and how much it broadens game stories — Make games the art that everyone can enjoy — Recognise the good that games can do — Support games by everyone, for everyone