Dark Souls and Flow

  Psychologist and theorist Csikszentmihalyi conducted decades of research to understand how certain pleasurable activities induced a phenomenon called “flow”, which he later defined as “a state of peak enjoyment, energetic focus, and creative concentration experienced by people engaged in adult play” (Csikszentmihalyi, 2000). As noted by Salen and Zimmerman (2004), flow is important to … Continue reading Dark Souls and Flow


Information Age at the Science Museum: Style Over Substance

Information Age is a permanent exhibition at the Science Museum of London, seeking to "celebrate more than 200 years of innovation in information and communication technologies" (Science Museum, 2016). The displays are thorough and varied, showing antique telegram machines, 1920s radio equipment, mid-20th century telephone exchange panels, beautiful 1960s TVs, bulky 1960s and 1970s mainframes, … Continue reading Information Age at the Science Museum: Style Over Substance

Post-Modernism: A Solid Snake

I believe that video games are art, and therefore always enjoy comparisons between games and more "traditional" art forms and associated trends. This would include post-modernism, a movement that can described as: "often funny, tongue-in-cheek or ludicrous; it can be confrontational and controversial, challenging the boundaries of taste; but most crucially, it reflects a self-awareness … Continue reading Post-Modernism: A Solid Snake