Sandboxes and Player Types

The theory of player types was first developed by Bartle (Bartle, R.A., 1996), who examined MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game players and remarked that they could be broadly categorised as follows: Achievers, who give themselves in-game goals and set out to complete them as a priority Explorers, who are interested in understanding the game world through … Continue reading Sandboxes and Player Types


Game Theory and Pigeons

Why compare mathematical studies with visual novels about pigeons, such as Hatoful Boyfriend (Mediatonic, 2014)? Because, surprisingly, they have something in common: game theory. Game theory is the mathematical study of decision-making, outlined by Morganstern and Von Neumann; game theory specifically looks at how the player plans their course, what information is available at every … Continue reading Game Theory and Pigeons


~ Clampdown - Game Design (Punk?) Manifesto ~ / Stop spitting on AAA games // Stop dissing designers because they made a shooter you didn't like // Stop feeling superior because a designer "sold out", whatever that means in your textbook little world // Stop turning your nose at entire game genres // Stop looking … Continue reading CLAMPDOWN